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D.E.S. Mission Statement

The mission at Derecho Energy Solutions is to bridge the gap of support and knowledge to our customers and contractors in the field, while safely working to bring renewable energy to the world.

Solar Technicians

The Solar Technicians primary responsibility is to support Operations & Maintenance activities by providing quick response to maintain the performance of the solar systems, provide excellent customer service to our Customers and ensure a smooth workflow and optimally performing systems.

Wind Technicians

The Wind Technicians primary responsibility is to provide project-related field inspection and support within Renewable Energy with a focus on wind turbine condition, site operations, and project construction phases.

Battery Storage Technicians

Battery Storage Technicians primary responsibility is operating and maintaining Battery Storage project sites. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) help balance the supply and demand of energy. BESS work by timing their charging and discharging with the demands of the grid.

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